The only full-service business development partner

Are you a technical founder, small business owner, or hustling entrepreneur? We are the only all-in-one agency partnering with businesses to support all of your outsourcing, consulting, and software needs. 

We tackle everything except operations for your business. Marketing, finances, legal, consulting services, and more. When you work with us, you have an experienced team behind you and supporting your business at every step, while you focus on what you do best. 

What do we do?


We consult with our clients on every part of their businesses to optimize, improve, and scale. From brand management to financial and legal consultations, we have you covered. We don’t nickel and dime you for anything.

When you work with us, everything is included. No hourly billing or fees. 

Software Packages

Our software research team works with clients to find and implement the best software for your needs. On average, we have saved clients 55% off their original software subscriptions. Let us save you money, optimize your operations, improve your bookkeeping, and streamline your workday by providing you with the best value software for your unique needs. 


Our marketing and web development teams will build your brand and grow your business through traditional and digital marketing, beautiful, modern website designs, advanced Search Engine Optimization, and a full-sweep branding effort. We also tackle legal outsourcing, content creation, social media management, and a heck of a lot more! 


We are a full service small business growth agency. We will work with you to outsource anything else you need through our certified network. If we don’t do it, we’ll find a certified professional who does. On top of that, you’ll have access to our growing network, financial and strategic resources, partner discounts, and more. If you aren’t sure if we offer it, reach out. 

Who are We?

We are a small but growing team of passionate student entrepreneurs. Utilizing our previous experiences, we formed CJ Businesses to address a global need for small businesses.


We are on a mission to provide the resources and efficiency of large corporations to small businesses and startups. 

When one person is doing it all, the efficiency and quality simply won’t be at the same level as a team of experienced professionals. With the right support, you can grow your business much more quickly!  


We are building the next generation small business toolbox. Our goal is to bring our services nationwide through an online portal, and open up our client base to entrepreneurs nationwide. No more wasting hours and hours learning every skill, or thousands of dollars spent on freelancers for mediocre work. 

Connect with Us

Whether you are a struggling small business owner, looking for growth support, or starting something new, we want to help you reach your next milestone!

Let us help you reach your full potential


When you become a part of the CJ Businesses family, we are here to help you through everything. You’re not alone, and you have an experienced team behind you making sure your business thrives. 

our formula for success

Passion, Innovation, Network, Experience

We will get to know your business and inside and out. We know your preferences and needs, and have all the skills to get it done right. Stop hiring freelancers and bring on our team to take care of everything! Let’s make it happen today!